Membership Details

Welcome aboard the CA. Pariwar Club Membership page. By now, you have acquired an exhaustive outline of our Club & ready to take the plunge as a Member. To guide you on our Membership Details & satisfy your queries, we have put them below point to point for reference ease.

Important Points

1. CA Pariwar Club Membership primarily includes standard family of 2 + 2 i.e. Husband, Wife &/ or Son(s), Daughter(s) till they become a major. Extra member(s) will be given separate membership, the discretion of which will rest solely with Management.
2. Life Membership will be of 2 types – Family (Rs.1,00,000/-) & Corporate (Rs.3,00,000/-) + Taxes as applicable.
3. It is mandatory to submit copies of below for membership:
Father/ Mother ● Date of Birth (Birth/ SSC Certificate)
● Educational (Degree/ Diploma)
● Occupation/ Work (License/ I Card)
● Residence (Ration Card/ Bill)
● Bank (Pass Book + Credit/ Debit Card)
● Marriage Certificate
Son(s)/ Daughter(s) ● Date of Birth (Birth/ SSC Certificate)
Photographs ● 4 per member - 2 PP + 2 ID
4. Forms should be filled in fully & legibly before submitting. Unclear & incomplete forms will be rejected.
5. Forms will be submitted first. They will then be investigated & acceptance/ rejection will be informed. Only approved applicants will undergo further process of payment & membership.
6. Folio No. has to be mandatorily quoted always for bookings, enquiries, issues etc.